COVID-19 Update

To Our Members:

The rapidly evolving complex concerns around coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is unsettling, changing daily life and operations of nursing homes. The added challenges nursing home workers face during the COVID-19 Crisis is strenuous, but your willingness to adapt and fight this pandemic to reduce the spread while providing care to residents in remarkable! I am proud of nursing home workers for your continued dedication and commitment.

Negotiations: Please take note that CUPE Maritimes Region has suspended all negotiations, bargaining meetings, membership meetings, ratifications, and strike votes to focus public sector resources on the COVID-19 Crisis. CUPE will reassess on April 3rd.

We will be cancelling all meetings and community events until further notice. As for the New Brunswick Council of Nursing Home Unions AGM scheduled for May 26, 27, 28, We will assess the situation closer to the date to decide.

Childcare: Nursing home workers are considered essential workers. Members impacted with the closure of school and daycare facilities can access daycare care services by following the link below to register, and you should expect a response within two to three days.

Keep Updated: There is a great deal of uncertainly, and we would like our members to know that the health, safety and well being of members and the residents is what matters most to us! The situation is assessed daily; therefore, members are encouraged to keep updated by visiting the following link.

Also, CUPE will be posting updates to members as they become available on the CUPE Nationals website at CUPE recommends you regularly check for updates

Although we should not panic, the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak must not be taken lightly. The government of NB has all but shut the province down, reducing to only essential services to reduce the exposure and risk associated with COVID-19. Before COVID-19, most nursing homes struggled daily to fully staff facilities. Now with all the added precautions, you may be directed or tempted not to follow the precautionary recommendations YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE UNSAFE WORK and a responsibility to ensure a safe environment for residents. Please do not comprise your health or the health of our seniors.

If you have any concerns with decisions or direction in the coming weeks that may impact your work and workplaces. Please contact your CUPE national servicing representative to ensure your rights and benefits are fully protected.  

We can get through this, we need to remain united and strong, and continue doing our part to keep each other safe and healthy. Thank you for patience and support as we navigate through this unprecedented situation together.

In solidarity,

NBCNHU Executive