Negotiation Update

Just an update to let you know, that we will be returning to the negotiating table on March 23, 2018. We are currently dealing with the monetary package and a few outstanding issues. We will inform you after the next round on where we are at, with our negotiations.

In Solidarity

NBCNHU negotiation team

Workload Committee Update

December 12th and 13th of 2017

Workload Committee met in Fredericton to collaborate for the upcoming months. It was then that we kicked off the upcoming year with sending Christmas cards to all the MLA’s informing them that they would be hearing from us in the New Year.

January 19th and 20th of 2018

Your workload committee met at the Fredericton Inn and came up with the following.

  • For our upcoming and new holiday “family day” we planned an event to re-inform our MLA’s that we are still here and to give them an idea of what we want.
  • The committee has planned another survey to collect information for statistics. This will be carried out by the ambassador of each local.
  • The committee has formed an April fools Status for our Facebook pages informing public to contact their local MLA’s. Also discussed a possibility of a FAQ’s flyer to take to our local ridings.
  • With permission of our locals administration. We hope to have a flyer to hand out to family members and visitor in the home about the acuity of care and its changes. This would occur on mothers day.
  • In June we plan to follow suit with the above mentioned flyer on father’s day.
  • It is in process of forming a legal petition. Launching on father’s day and carrying through to August 6th on NB day. It is then that we would like to collect all workload forms, picture books of “the real face of our workplace” and the petition to hand in.
  • With these plans in progress we have also formed a slogan of “3.1 is not enough” . We have formed templates for our flyers, leaflets, posters, and banner.

We also discussed visiting different locals for their community gatherings to host a BBQ and help raise awareness of the workload we face, and where to take their concerns.


In solidarity,

Your workload committee

NBCNHU Negotiations Update

November 8,2017

Greeting Sisters & Brothers

On behalf of the NBCNHU negotiation’s team here is an update on our bargaining for a new collective agreement. Your team met on November 6, 7, and 8, 2017 with minimal movement on some of the proposals which are still on the table.

We have been informed by the employers chief negotiator that their team needs direction from the Board of Directors of the NBANH on some of the outstanding issues. Dates scheduled for November 27- 29, 2017 have been canceled until the employer meets with their board on December 12, 2017. We have future dates confirmed for January 18 and 19 as well as the week of January 29 – February 2, 2018.

Your negotiation team will keep you updated when we receive any new information.

In Solidarity

Wayne Brown President NBCNHU


On Wednesday November 1, 2017 it was brought to the NBCNHU executives attention that the employer through the NBANH Wellness Program Pep 2.0 were requesting at least one home that were aware of to participate and fill out a survey.

The Councils position is that we continue to boycott the Wellness Program initiative’s until such time that the Employees Benefits Advisory Committee comes to a resolution on the outstanding issue of the surpluses in our Health and Dental Plans.

When any new developments arise we will keep you informed.

In Solidarity

NBCNHU Executive


On September 12th and 13th of 2017 your workload committee met and made great progress on working on your behalf.

We have heard your interests in having a shortened workload form. We have reformatted the form to one page. The new form will be emailed to each local executive.

Please watch for future polls and questionnaires to complete that will gather Information needed to help move in the direction to serve you best. Also, we will have a planned education day coming up, so please watch for that.

Remember we are the change, because we are the voice!

In solidarity,

The workload committee


Greetings Sisters and Brothers

Here is an update on 2 outstanding issues that are affecting nursing home workers.

Essential Services – both parties met on September 11th  in Fredericton, the meetings were scheduled to take place over 5 days but unfortunately it finished on the first day. The next steps will be that both parties will summit to the Labour Board their final arguments by February 2018 and possibility another meeting with the parties before a final decision is rendered.

Employees Benefits Committee – On  September 7th the committee met with the New Brunswick Nurses Union the New Brunswick Union and the Association of Nursing Home in Fredericton to try to solve the ongoing impasse. The Nursing Home Association is still of the opinion that the surplus is theirs to do what they feel with it. The new Executive Director committed to bring back our additional concerns to their Board of Director’s. We are in the process of exploring other options to get over the impasse. The NBCNHU executive is still requesting that ALL LOCALS CONTINUE TO BOYCOTT THE WELLNESS PROGRAM.

In Solidarity

NBCNHU Executive


Greetings Sisters & Brothers

On behalf of the NBCNHU negotiation team here is a update on where we are with the process. We have met a total of 7 days since we first exchanged proposals back in December 2016. Both sides have agreed on a number of proposals as well we have withdrawn some also. As of this week, monetary issues have not been addressed. We will not be bargaining throughout the summer but 9 days have been scheduled for October and November. Your team is please with the way that this round of negotiations is proceeding up to this point. Both sides have been very respectful to each other. We will update you again when talks resume in the fall.

Wayne Brown
President NBCNHU

(Update) Health and Dental Plan Surplus

Greeting Sisters & Brothers

The NBANH Employees Group Benefits Advisory Committee met on March 27th, 2017 in Fredericton to discuss the outstanding issue concerning the Employees Health and Dental Plan Surplus.

The NBANH presented the committee with a Healthy Workforce Strategy Framework document in which the surpluses would be used to finance this plan. Our position along with the NB Nurses Union and NB Union was very clear to the employer that until we collectively achieve a Joint Trusteeship Plan between the parties that we would not be endorsing the Healthy Workforce Strategy Framework.

We were informed by the executive director of the nursing home association that she would bring forward at the NBANH Board meetings scheduled for April 25th, 2017 the 3 unions position.

Until we hear back from the Nursing Home Association I would encourage that our 45 nursing homes continue not to participate with any activities with the Wellness Program and the NBCNHU maintains our position that we will not make any decisions concerning the RFP process when it comes to a possible new health care plan provider.

In Solidarity

Wayne Brown & Roland Cormier


Moncton nursing home can’t open new beds until staffing in place, province says

Despite the recent completion of its expansion, a nursing home in Moncton cannot open any of it 60 new beds to patients until it gets staffing in place, a provincial government spokesperson says.

“Villa du Repos is currently working on a recruitment plan for staff,” Anne Mooers, a communications officer for Social   Development, said Thursday in an email statement. “The 126 beds currently in use at Villa du Repos are at 100 per cent occupancy.”

Mooers referred a follow-up question about the number of staff members the home requires to the head of Villa du Repos. CBC tried again Thursday to reach the executive director, following two voicemail messages earlier this week, and still hasn’t received a response.

This staffing shortage is important given that, according to the province’s numbers, nursing homes in New Brunswick have a 98 per cent occupancy rate. The head of the New Brunswick Council of Nursing Home Unions said there are some 500 senior citizens — many of whom are occupying hospital beds — waiting to get into nursing homes.

“It’s great to add beds, but if you don’t have the staff to look after the residents in these homes, that’s a problem,” said Wayne Brown, who represents workers at 45 homes across the province as council president.

Doctor speaks out

A family doctor in Moncton, Dr. John Li, said the delay at Villa du Repos affects one of his patients who has been in the hospital since Jan. 12, 2016.

“We were excited about the opening of the new wing, because that would take quite a bit of pressure off both hospitals,”  Dr. Li said. “I think both Moncton and George Dumont Hospital had people waiting to go in there.”


Wayne Brown, president of the New Brunswick Council of Nursing Home Unions, said there are 500 seniors waiting to get into nursing home beds in the province. (NBCNHU website)

This particular “alternate level of care” patient was supposed to move into Villa du Repos in October or November of last year, but the nursing home postponed that date multiple times, saying the patient’s bed wasn’t ready.

With contacts at the home, Dr. Li found out that a staffing shortage was preventing the home from opening the expanded area of its facility. He said he informed the patient’s family.

“I don’t think anyone (from the home) really officially told the daughter,” Dr. Li said.

For the time being the patient is “lingering” in the hospital and doesn’t yet have a firm move-in date.

A two-part problem


Villa du Repos is currently working on a recruitment plan for staff, according to the province. (Villa du Repos website)

Dr. Li suggested there are two parts to the staffing problem.

First, he said, there aren’t enough programs at the New Brunswick Community College or Oulton College to graduate the number of professionals required to fill these positions.

Second, nursing homes are competing against other employers — home care agencies, for example — that might pay higher wagers or offer better working conditions for LPNs and PSWs.

“So, sometimes people may pick the easier jobs, rather than the heavy demands in a nursing home,” he said.

New French nursing home to open

Meanwhile, a senior’s complex will open this year on the University of Moncton’s research and development campus. In addition to special care and assisted living rooms, the facility will also include a 60-bed nursing home.

“Right now, we don’t have enough to open up the new wing at Villa du Repos,” Dr. Li said. “How are they going to get enough people to open up the huge senior care complex across from U de M?”

The complex is a joint undertaking of the university, the province and Shannex RLC limited.

The regional director for Shannex NB hasn’t returned a call from CBC.

A worsening problem

The president of the New Brunswick Council of Nursing Home Unions said the sector has struggled for years to recruit and retain staff — and the problem is getting worse, as many licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and resident assistants (RAs) switch to the  hospital sector due to the workload issue in long-term care.

This is true of the recent graduates from both NBCC and Oulton College.

The staffing shortage fluctuates based on the month and the individual nursing home, Wayne Brown said. “There’s homes, many homes, each day that work short-staffed.”

This not only causes workplace burnout and injuries, and increases the rates of violence in the workplace, but “the residents are not provided with the care that they need and rightly deserve.”

The council is advocating for additional resources from the province for long-term care.