COVID-19 Update

To Our Members:

The rapidly evolving complex concerns around coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is unsettling, changing daily life and operations of nursing homes. The added challenges nursing home workers face during the COVID-19 Crisis is strenuous, but your willingness to adapt and fight this pandemic to reduce the spread while providing care to residents in remarkable! I am proud of nursing home workers for your continued dedication and commitment.

Negotiations: Please take note that CUPE Maritimes Region has suspended all negotiations, bargaining meetings, membership meetings, ratifications, and strike votes to focus public sector resources on the COVID-19 Crisis. CUPE will reassess on April 3rd.

We will be cancelling all meetings and community events until further notice. As for the New Brunswick Council of Nursing Home Unions AGM scheduled for May 26, 27, 28, We will assess the situation closer to the date to decide.

Childcare: Nursing home workers are considered essential workers. Members impacted with the closure of school and daycare facilities can access daycare care services by following the link below to register, and you should expect a response within two to three days.

Keep Updated: There is a great deal of uncertainly, and we would like our members to know that the health, safety and well being of members and the residents is what matters most to us! The situation is assessed daily; therefore, members are encouraged to keep updated by visiting the following link.

Also, CUPE will be posting updates to members as they become available on the CUPE Nationals website at CUPE recommends you regularly check for updates

Although we should not panic, the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak must not be taken lightly. The government of NB has all but shut the province down, reducing to only essential services to reduce the exposure and risk associated with COVID-19. Before COVID-19, most nursing homes struggled daily to fully staff facilities. Now with all the added precautions, you may be directed or tempted not to follow the precautionary recommendations YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE UNSAFE WORK and a responsibility to ensure a safe environment for residents. Please do not comprise your health or the health of our seniors.

If you have any concerns with decisions or direction in the coming weeks that may impact your work and workplaces. Please contact your CUPE national servicing representative to ensure your rights and benefits are fully protected.  

We can get through this, we need to remain united and strong, and continue doing our part to keep each other safe and healthy. Thank you for patience and support as we navigate through this unprecedented situation together.

In solidarity,

NBCNHU Executive

Tentative Agreement

Sisters and Brothers

On May 30th your Negotiation Team reached a tentative agreement with the NB Association of Nursing Homes. We will be presenting the tentative agreement to your Local Executive on June 8th. Your Local Executive will be advising you of the date and time for the presentation and vote for your Local soon.


TO:         All Members of NBCNHU

FROM:   NBCNHU Negotiations Team

DATE:     April 10, 2018

C.C.:       Reps assigned to Nursing Homes

               Sandy Harding, Maritimes Regional Director


Sisters and Brothers:

As you are probably aware, negotiations broke off on March 23nd and both sides agreed to apply for conciliation.

There have been few new developments since the last update.  The Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour has appointed John Green as the conciliation officer and we are looking at the end of May to meet face to face.

Because of this development, we have had to change the Education Day for this year’s AGM, which is scheduled for May 23rd. The new topic for Education Day will be “STRIKE PREPARATION”. It is very important that your Local sends delegates to this year’s AGM as we need to start preparing for the possibility of not reaching an agreement in conciliation. Some of the topics that will be covered are National Strike Guidelines, Strike Pay, Strike Tactics, and Essential Services.

Should you require further information or have questions, please contact one of the members of the Provincial Executive.


In Solidarity,


Your Negotiations Team

Negotiation Update

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

As most of you are aware your Negotiation Team met with the Employers team on March 23, 2018. After a few exchanges we have reached an impasse and we will now be applying for conciliation, this is the next step in the process.

 All Locals need to contact their Servicing Rep and set up meetings to complete the designations process. The only way a Local can take a strike vote is if they have completed their designations. Your Negotiation Team will communicate with you when we have further information.

In Solidarity

NBCNHU Negotiations Committee

Negotiation Update

Just an update to let you know, that we will be returning to the negotiating table on March 23, 2018. We are currently dealing with the monetary package and a few outstanding issues. We will inform you after the next round on where we are at, with our negotiations.

In Solidarity

NBCNHU negotiation team

Workload Committee Update

December 12th and 13th of 2017

Workload Committee met in Fredericton to collaborate for the upcoming months. It was then that we kicked off the upcoming year with sending Christmas cards to all the MLA’s informing them that they would be hearing from us in the New Year.

January 19th and 20th of 2018

Your workload committee met at the Fredericton Inn and came up with the following.

  • For our upcoming and new holiday “family day” we planned an event to re-inform our MLA’s that we are still here and to give them an idea of what we want.
  • The committee has planned another survey to collect information for statistics. This will be carried out by the ambassador of each local.
  • The committee has formed an April fools Status for our Facebook pages informing public to contact their local MLA’s. Also discussed a possibility of a FAQ’s flyer to take to our local ridings.
  • With permission of our locals administration. We hope to have a flyer to hand out to family members and visitor in the home about the acuity of care and its changes. This would occur on mothers day.
  • In June we plan to follow suit with the above mentioned flyer on father’s day.
  • It is in process of forming a legal petition. Launching on father’s day and carrying through to August 6th on NB day. It is then that we would like to collect all workload forms, picture books of “the real face of our workplace” and the petition to hand in.
  • With these plans in progress we have also formed a slogan of “3.1 is not enough” . We have formed templates for our flyers, leaflets, posters, and banner.

We also discussed visiting different locals for their community gatherings to host a BBQ and help raise awareness of the workload we face, and where to take their concerns.


In solidarity,

Your workload committee