Negotiations update

On September 24, following the re-enactment of the May 30 vote, we were advised by media that Premier Higgs stated an offer was coming and “we probably wouldn’t like it.”

Yesterday September 26 at 3:43 pm we received a call from a reporter asking for comments on the offer however I couldn’t comment because we had yet to receive it. However, 22 minutes later, at 4:05 pm via e-mail, not even a phone call. We received the offer from the nursing home association saying it’s the final offer mandate.

The disrespect shown by the government continues when media is advising us of a new offer before we have even received it. But if Higgs wants to bargain in the media, lets bargain.

Governments final wage offer “FINAL OFFER” proposal

(Year 1) 1.0% – (Year 2) 1.25% (Year 3) 1.5% (Year 4) 1.75%  Total 5.5%. Effective November 1, 2019, modify the rate of accumulation of sick leave credits from 1½ days per calendar month of service to 1 and 1/3 (1.33) days per month (from 18 to 16 days per year)

On September 27 at the press conference, we gave our proposal

(Year1) 3% (Year 2) 3% (Year 3) 3% (Year 4) 3% Total 12%. And a one-time recruitment and retention adjustment is needed for 2019, to address the understaffing crisis immediately.

On September 27 the government issued a press release saying, “Nursing home workers will soon have the opportunity to vote on a final contract”. The Employment Board will co-ordinate and oversee secret-ballot voting in each nursing home. Date and location to be determined by the board. We will keep you updated as information becomes available.

Yes, we are tired, tired of not having our voices heard! Seniors and workers deserve better! We Deserve RESPECT!

In Solidarity

NBCNHU Negotiations Team