Greetings Sisters and Brothers

Here is an update on 2 outstanding issues that are affecting nursing home workers.

Essential Services – both parties met on September 11th  in Fredericton, the meetings were scheduled to take place over 5 days but unfortunately it finished on the first day. The next steps will be that both parties will summit to the Labour Board their final arguments by February 2018 and possibility another meeting with the parties before a final decision is rendered.

Employees Benefits Committee – On  September 7th the committee met with the New Brunswick Nurses Union the New Brunswick Union and the Association of Nursing Home in Fredericton to try to solve the ongoing impasse. The Nursing Home Association is still of the opinion that the surplus is theirs to do what they feel with it. The new Executive Director committed to bring back our additional concerns to their Board of Director’s. We are in the process of exploring other options to get over the impasse. The NBCNHU executive is still requesting that ALL LOCALS CONTINUE TO BOYCOTT THE WELLNESS PROGRAM.

In Solidarity

NBCNHU Executive