(Update) Health and Dental Plan Surplus

Greeting Sisters & Brothers

The NBANH Employees Group Benefits Advisory Committee met on March 27th, 2017 in Fredericton to discuss the outstanding issue concerning the Employees Health and Dental Plan Surplus.

The NBANH presented the committee with a Healthy Workforce Strategy Framework document in which the surpluses would be used to finance this plan. Our position along with the NB Nurses Union and NB Union was very clear to the employer that until we collectively achieve a Joint Trusteeship Plan between the parties that we would not be endorsing the Healthy Workforce Strategy Framework.

We were informed by the executive director of the nursing home association that she would bring forward at the NBANH Board meetings scheduled for April 25th, 2017 the 3 unions position.

Until we hear back from the Nursing Home Association I would encourage that our 45 nursing homes continue not to participate with any activities with the Wellness Program and the NBCNHU maintains our position that we will not make any decisions concerning the RFP process when it comes to a possible new health care plan provider.

In Solidarity

Wayne Brown & Roland Cormier