Health and Dental Plan Surplus

Hello Sisters & Brothers

Your NBCNHU executive has been working diligently on the Health and Dental plan Surplus  issue since we met on November 18th 2016 in Fredericton. We have had a number of meetings with the New Brunswick Nurses Union as well as the New Brunswick Union as they are also impacted by this surplus. The 3 unions met the Department of Social Development on January 24th 2017 to raise our concerns, informing them that the surplus was being used to fund the EFAP, Wellness Program, manage rate increases and improvements to the plan. The unions collectively believes that the surplus belongs to the Plan and not the NBANH. Further dialogue with the department is ongoing at this point.

On January 26th 2017 the Employees Benefits Advisory Committee met in Fredericton with all key stakeholders present as well as the new Executive Director from the NBANH Jodi Hall and their legal council. Although the meeting lasted 2 1/2 hours the 3 unions left with a sense of uncertainty in what direction the Association was heading. We were assured that the money was still there but the Association is looking at a 8 to 10 year plan at redeveloping a strategic healthy workforce in which the surplus would be spent. In March the Association will provide a framework on how this plan will unfold.

I explained to the committee until we have more details to share with our members that we would continue to not participate in the Wellness Program, the New Brunswick Continuing Care Association, the RFP process for a possible new health care provider as well as the Total Health Index Survey.

Your Council will keep you up to date on any new developments that may arise in the coming weeks and months. Thanks.

In Solidarity

Wayne Brown

President NBCNHU