St-Quentin Nursing Home Issue


For immediate publication                                                                                              December 14, 2016


StQuentin Nursing Home IssueGovernment Must Intervene

Fredericton: The New Brunswick Council of Nursing Homes Unions (NBCNHU) demands the release of the investigation report conducted at the Résidence Mgr. Melanson Nursing home in St-Quentin.

Claire Savoie had been hired by the Board of directors of the Home to conduct the investigation, which exonerated the Nursing Home director André Savoie of all allegations of harassment and intimidation.

However, the report has yet to be shared with the Union or the public.

“Many issues are left unanswered.  We never had a chance to verify the validity of the report,” said Wayne Brown, President of the NBCNHU.  “Furthermore, we put in question the impartiality of the investigator, who herself was a former director of a nursing home in Bathurst. She was a former colleague of André Savoie,” said Brown.

Last November, Michael Keating, executive director of the NBANH, had declared to media that André Savoie would only face job termination if the investigation had found merit in the employees’ allegations.

“We have been told by the legal counsel of the New Brunswick Association of Nursing Homes that some complaints were founded, some not,” said Roland Cormier, vice-president of NBCNHU. “Yet, we are also told by them we must accept that Mr. Savoie will keep his position and that he is fully exonerated”, he added.

“We don’t know how this investigation has dealt with the complaints, and we don’t know how many are valid, and on what basis,” said Cormier.

“Employees have lost confidence in their director: the work atmosphere is irremediably compromised. The Board should not keep the status quo,” said Cormier. “The Department of Social Development should intervene immediately for the best interest of the residents and employees,” he concluded.

For more information:

Wayne Brown

President of the NBCNHU, 506-866-9105

Roland Cormier

Vice-President NBCNHU, 506-533-6863